Citadel Environmental Services Team

About Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. 

In 1993, The principals of Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. founded an environmental consulting service company that offers an extensive line of services applicable to the various “stages” of property development, ownership, and operations: from due diligence, to finance/acquisition, through design and construction, to facility operation and personnel management, and again through property disposition.

Some factors that differentiate Citadel from their competitors include:

  • Citadel's staff understands the built environment. We know how buildings are built, operated, and deconstructed. Whereas most environmental consultants came from laboratory, ecological, or oil/gas industries, Citadel's staff came from the fields of architecture, engineering, and industrial hygiene.   
  • Citadel is certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with the State of California and Department of General Services.  Our certification provides our clients the opportunity to use the highest quality expert consulting team while meeting their contracting goals for diverse ownership.
  • In 2003, Citadel became an employee-owned company by bringing all of its employees into the fold of ownership. 
  • Our industry experts can augment your staff during any stage of the lifecycle through our staff outsourcing program, whereby our staff becomes an extension of your staff – seamlessly and cost effectively. 
  • We provide litigation support as well as expert-witness services, for both plaintiffs and defendants. 


During the past 20 years, Citadel's team has successfully serviced and delivered value to clients ranging from large, public entities to Fortune 100 companies and small equity firms.  While the firm has grown, it has retained the same dedication to client satisfaction, tailoring its services and products to the unique circumstances presented by each and every client.  

Our abilities to thoroughly ASSESS our clients’ environmental health, safety, and sustainability challenges, and RESOLVE them in the most expedient manner, STRENGTHEN the value and resiliency of their real estate portfolios and core operations. We welcome the chance to show you why the world’s most prominent companies and public entities place their continued trust in Citadel Environmental Services, Inc.