3. "Our offices aren't too far from each other, and we can meet up for lunch. Hey, Chandler. Joey stopped shuffling, the smile returning to his face. But Monica didn't want to risk it by getting his hopes up about Joey coming back. Monica walks into the apartment with some grocery bags in her hands. Chandler bit his lip as he tried to think of a way to make Joey less sad without having to go and get Ross. ", Monica shook her head at her clueless friend. Monica took a breath and turned, sitting at the dining table opposite Rachel. But he didn't. 1.9K 20 1. The other surrounded the pair, aweing at the sleeping man. "No shit sherlock, don't you think that I'm feeling that?" Alone. and cuddle on the sofa. Meta writer, reader, author, and artist. Go home, Joey, she pleaded. Ross moved to sit in front of his college roommate, and the other girls stood in the space of the kitchen, waiting for instructions. A twinge of affection hit Chandlers entire body. Nothing is on tv and you're bored as hell, being sick for this long sucks. The one where Joey is sick Eternalkryptonite96 Summary: Joey's Sick and Chandler looks after him. I have to get there a- he broke off with a harsh, wet sneeze. Now Chandler is stuck on the other side of the world with a group of men named the Stardust Crusaders, with only two choices: Defeat Dio or die trying. "What did he say to that?" I think you should really take some, he told his friend. he takes you into his arms and presses a soft kiss on the top of your head. All he cared about was seeing Joey, and maybe the others. "You go. Joey shuffled in his sleep, the smile leaving his face and being replaced by a frown, Chandler's hand leaving his hair. "I've never seen anyone's eyes look so sad.". man.. Joey bursts in carrying a big bag full of videos. The one with the made up imagines. However, seven years after adopting the twins, the impossible happens. his voice was small, subdued, and he didn't turn to face them as they entered. Once, when he had been trying to guilt her into making him dinner after she'd accidentally let a plate slip from her hand during a Pictionary game, a plate that had clipped him in the brow, he had rested his head on her shoulder and a delicate curl had fallen onto her cheek. UNDER EDITING . Chandler glares at her where she has settled in the chair beside the coffee table. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (116), Chandler Bing/Ross Geller/Joey Tribbiani (4), M/M Bracket 1B. Will the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ) Take the NyQuil, Joey. He groaned as he sat up, holding his head and glaring at his roommate. She waited for Ross to comment on the action, he had a full view of it, after all. He shook him gently, trying not to hurt him. "Hi Mon." This is my first Friends fic, I hope you guys like it. Chandler, Joey whined again, shaking the blanket slightly as if to remind Chandler there was a space there for him. She'd seen him wake up with a rat's nest and simply rake a hand through it to fix it and she'd seen him comb it back for a date. Rachel, who had a boyfriend and had for a while now, and Chandler, who knew of the boyfriend and also knew considered him to be one of his brothers. This fic has been completed, but is not fully edited! Basically inspired to write this after watching season 2 of Friends (episode 16 to 19). Will you let me feel your forehead? Joey looked up at him over the tissue held to his nose and nodded tiredly. Please consider turning it on! "Please tell me you didn't actually say that to him. Contents 1 Background 1.1 Early life 2 Series 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 Monica asks while keeping a distance from you. highest rankings. "If he's sad, you guys should go be with him.". Part of her really hated that she had been comforting Joey instead of her best friend, especially knowing that she had left Chandler with Ross and Rachel, who weren't the most tactful people. Joey, no, he responded. .Friends (TV) (392) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (2) Merlin (TV) (2. Fan Fic by: Laura Barnett. Filipina feminist, nurse. No ones really gonna miss you anyway.. Joey has a bad day and Chandler comforts him. The One With The Dirty Duck. Found potential All he could think about was Joey fumbling his way through an audition- which most likely wasnt going to be successful, anyway, as he was pretty sure casting directors didnt prefer leading men with snot dripping down their faces. He has absolutely no energy to argue back, in fact, his brain can't even come up with a properly sarcastic comeback. he says that he should take a break and that he should rest, relax and take it easy. He makes up his mind to move on, but at the same time, they become closer than ever.He develops the omnipresent feeling that he is being stalked, but when his dormant illness returns, it seems that he was only being paranoid. When she got to the kitchen area, she sent a hopeful glance Rachel's way and her friend nodded in confirmation as she passed, "Take care of him, Rach. The one where Joey's sick, a friends fanfic | FanFiction The one where Joey's sick By: Eternalkryptonite96 Joey's Sick and Chandler looks after him. By the end of the film, Joey was sleeping soundly, Chandlers hand still resting atop of his head, fingers entwined with the dark hair. Chandler flicked the light switch off, closing his eyes and settling into Joeys grasp. Equally, she didn't want to hurt him by letting him know Joey wasn't moving back. Get back into bed. Joey glanced down. It was so typical of Chandler to dismiss his own feelings for the sake of making someone else feel better. Please consider turning it on! Well, good morning to you, too, Chandler said with a chuckle, pretending to read his watch, or should I say good afternoon?, Ha-ha, Joey said in a hoarse voice and sat down next to his roommate. the last couple of weeks, Joey hadn't been acting himself. Read Chapter 7|Double Dates from the story Bewitched {An NKOTB Fanfic} by justapaperbackwriter (D.Writes) with 397 reads. In 2021, Chandler Bing is 53 years old and Monica Geller is 51 years old. She had told Joey that Chandler had been fine without him. Joey stopped shuffling, the smile returning to his face. he he starts to nod off when him and Chandler are Watching T.V. Language: English Words: 7,153 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 1 Hits: Chandler, Im really cold. Chandler seems to learn new things every day. But really, everyones gonna be there. Shut up Ross. She gives good hugs. We're just frie Hi, I'm Chandler. The brunette tried moving away, but to no avail with nowhere to move to. Crazy shenanigans ensue when Joey has to cover for the couple whenever their sexcapades are nearly discovered. The One When Phoebe Murders Joey. chanoey. You didnt have to get me anything, he insisted, running a hand lazily under his flowing nose. Hey, Chandler said with a shrug, its just what friends do. Of course, it was so much more than that, but Joey didnt have to know that part of the story. She stopped at the first coffee shop she saw, it was called "Central Perk". ** Well unless youre auditioning for a NyQuil commercial, I think you should let this one go, Ross said, briefly looking at Chandler with a look that asked how he could let his roommate out of the apartment like this. Giovanna meets two of their new friends, Phoebe and Joey, but what happens when friends | season one - ten Only things don't go as smoothly as planned. The Lorraine Minerva Kent is 26 years old and is just trying to find her way on her own in the New York City when she meets a group of 7 friends and her life is changed. No profit will be earned as a result of this work (although I wish it did! Im cold, Joey whined. ", Rachel shrugged. "Feeling better?" Naomi is a small town girl on her way to the Big Apple. I dont care if I get sick so Ill watch it with you anyway. Sneeze Fetish Forum The most surprising thing about Friends is the fact that Monica and Joey stayed completely platonic for the entire series. While a potential relationship between the two of . Agora imaginem se o Joey tivesse gravado outra coisa nessa fita. Next to them, Rachel reluctantly poured Joey another cup of coffee. He was portrayed by Matt LeBlanc . I feel icky. Chandler grunted as he got out of bed and made his way to Joeys room, throwing open the door and flicking on the light switch. Why are you still in bed anyway, its 2pm. Joey groaned, falling back onto his bed and running a hand through his hair. Not in real life.". a blonde zoological sciences expert has just moved to new york city after her boyfriend cheated on her. It looked like another trip to the drugstore was in order for Chandler. Joey: (Excitedly) Look what I got! Rachel finds a mysterious gift left on the kitchen table. Sorry, man., Eh, its no big deal, Chandler assured him. The Lorraine Minerva Kent is 26 years old and is just trying to find her way on her own in the New York City when she meets a group of 7 friends and her life is changed. " {" ' , ' , ' -" "He just kind of looked at me with those big blue eyes and dropped his head to my shoulder," Rachel recounted. :-). left kudos on this work! Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Joey T., Chandler B. His eyes didnt leave Joeys face, and he couldnt help but grin when the smile returned to his roommates face. "No, it really sucks.." you pout while walking over to Monica who is now putting away the groceries. Okay, fine, Joey said with a huff, grabbing the bottle, and trying to hide a small, sheepish smile that Chandler knew meant he was really grateful but didnt want to admit it. Vancouver. ", Monica lifted her hands from the table and covered her mouth, closing her eyes. Okay, fine- but its not gonna be all night, okay? "I just don't want to get sick!" Joey? he asked, turning around to see his rain-soaked friend looking pathetically shivering in the doorway.What happened to you?. You Are Here: unblocked sticky ninja east london walking tour self guided friends fanfiction joey collapses. Twice. It was already seven when Joey arrived at the apartment, shivering, with his hand pressed firmly to his nose. Little Joey is sleepy Joey. She leaned forward to kiss his forehead before standing up and going to make herself a drink in the kitchen, missing the small subconscious smile on the sleeping Joeys face. But something has happened to disrupt the symbiosis in this close-knit couple. You werent at the coffee house. Litterally every episode of Friends with Y/n. 5. Picture the scene: Monica and Chandler's twins Karen and Daniel are heading off to NYU. Yeah, thanks Chandler. wattys2017. See you then. be able to come to their rescue? Chandler Bing x fem!OC highest rankings. Joey looked up and nodded, a small smile on his face, dimples showing. She tried not to puff her chest proudly that he looked to her not Ross, but it happened automatically. Chandlers head was tilted backwards against the sofa, himself nearly asleep. I thought today would be normal but little did i know that when i walked in to the coffe shop i would meet my soulmate. Karen's new roommate is off trying to 'sweet talk' her brother Daniel when Joey walks into her dorm. Chandler Bing x fem!OC And then she said something that made Monica pause. He was always pushing them up above his elbows, rolling the cuffs up his forearms. joeytribbiani. And yet Monica's blood sizzled at the idea of the two of them together. Not all of the words will be exactly the same as they are in the show, though the BY THE WAY: Joey is actually smart but I'll add some clueless moments hehe You need to rest when youre sick. And she was almost certain that, if push came to shove, Chandler would pick his brother over whatever he saw her as. Joey looked up at him wearily. This is for all you Joey fans Joey cringed after taking a capful and Chandler had to keep from smiling like an idiot at the adorable face he made. This work could have adult content. But Monica knew how close the boys had become and how Chandler took care of Joey like a brother. So I have an idea to write a Friends fanfiction where probably Rachel is sick with a cold or the flu or something. As though the action had meant nothing to her, although Monica was secretly relieved Rachel thought nothing of it - because her boyfriend was Ross, definitely because her boyfriend was Ross and not because of anything else Rachel continued speaking, completely oblivious to the tightness in Monica's cheeks. Chandler totally wasnt upset at all that he didnt get to see him take his shirt off. Joey, youre sick. Joey was just cold and looking for warmth, and there was no way Chandler was going to cuddle him if he knew he didnt genuinely want to do it. What? He grunted through grit teeth. But he was honestly too tired and too embittered to care about what their superintendent thought. I ship them. which he does but only because Joey tells him to. I know, buddy. They'd celebrated holidays together and lamented relationships, he was family. Monica wanted to slap him and bundle him up in her arms at the same time. Work Search: OC X JOEY TRIBBIANI Joey has an audition in which he has to kiss a man. her is hard but if you never told her that Joey's nervous about an audition he has the next day. Chandler Bing has always had bad luck in life. Joey shuffled in his sleep, the smile leaving his face and being replaced by a frown, Chandlers hand leaving his hair. I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable. He places the bag on the counter and goes to take his coat off. Published Feb 26, 2020. SLOW UPDATES What words did he use exactly? What he doesnt expect is Joey kissing him. Litterally every episode of Friends with Y/n. He tries everything to get more comfortable with it. She always did whatever he asked. Joey really wanted the part, but it meant he had to kiss a man. Joey stood outside the doorway to his room with his hands cupped around his nose. I dunno. He sounded so lost, so vulnerable. She entered the co After Monica and Chandler move out to their new home with jack and Erica, and Joey moves to la to pursue his career, we can't help but wonder what happened to Ross and R Esta uma histria contada em 1. Do you want anything? She is excited to start a life away from her parents and continue her passion for writing. Rachel cant like Chandler, and goddamnit she will fight her feelings tooth and nail. 4. "Telling your best friend that you love "Then how could you know he was upset? Chandler has a toothache and Joey looks after him. The next morning passed pretty normally for Chandler, apart from the fact that Joey was sleeping for most of it. Plus, Ross had a way of bullet listing important details and not elaborating on what he observed and Rachel, even after knowing him for a year, tended to . Inside was Joey. Part of her really hated that she had been comforting Joey instead of her best friend, especially knowing that she had left Chandler with Ross and Rachel, who weren't the most tactful people. ", ." Just until you fall asleep, he warned as he crawled into bed beside Joey, who instantly clung to him and pulled him close. In 1998, Monica realized that the love of her life was right next to her. "He didn't say much," Rachel started. The One With The Cracker Jack, Part 1. "He's beautiful when he's sad," Rachel commented. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. It was nice, she had no idea why she was being so hostile. I did not write this summary I found it on google. Youre a great friend. Chandler patted the youngers head, turning towards the screen and pressing play. Really, how can you tell? Chandler asked in feigned surprise, then shrugged. 1. "No.." you mumble as he sits down besides you.