2.4 million man who served in Nam approx. He received every military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army, as well as French and Belgian awards for heroism. The total goes up every day. We may never know who actually served and were in country during the fight. What Major Is Kent State University Known For? It allows the website owner to implement or change the website's content in real-time. The VVA Veteran boils it down to a totally different conclusion that the American War Library drew. That makes more sense. i have read that only one in seven guys that went to Vietnam, were actually in combat. It would cause great pain to them; reminiscent of what occurred to the family of my namesake, my first cousin Dante Michael Puccetti. There is a bird in India that says Did you Do it? Army Reserve: 189,500 When the 3rd Brigade,82 ABD moved from Camp Rodriguez (I Corps) in October 1968 my first base was Tent Citynear Bien Hoa (III Corps) then my unit was moved to Phu Loi. We had a lot of support vets near Saigon. I do not believe we were counted as vets. How many Vietnam Vets die per day? It does not store any personal data. 31 sets of brothers are on the Wall. Was an Armored Cav Platoon leader Nov 67-Mar 68 Lost 4 APCS 4 men in my platoon KIA 12 wounded I think I was in a little combat . But as to how many of us have died since then, I havent a clue. It caused extreme political unrest and was widely protested. I was on merchant ships for three years in viet nam. Now Iv had five and 10 % works. I could type and did all the reports. The truth is that until Vietnam veterans can agree amongst themselves what constitutes a real Vietnam vet, the debate may continue. Age: 78. was i a veteran by the numbers? Needless to say, I set them straight about his lying BS, and moved out the next day. we had a crew of about 42, spent weeks at anchor in vung tau or da nang. so if you wore chinos instead of camo you are not a veteran? However, any veteran who served in Vietnam between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, is presumed by the VA to have been exposed to Agent Orange. The book by Hal Moore & Joe Galloway We were soldiers once, and young describe what many of us experienced. I served in Vietnam from Jul 68 to Jul 69. Apparently, its been agreed upon that 800,000 Vietnam veterans had passed away by the year 2000. We are working on a feature article How Many Of Us Are Still Alive: that will show a complete Actuarial Model that shows the likely number of us still alive (725,000 to 750,000 out of 2.4 million) and the likely progression of our deaths. He never did ,Thank god ,because I ended up marrying a beautiful woman and we have the most precious and beautiful daughter. There are 500,000 Korean War veterans still living, but about 600 of those die every day, according to the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation. However, according to the Veterans Affairs Administration, there are an estimated 38,000 veterans die each day. Bill, Everything slowed down, and I was alone, above my body that was thrown into the dashboard hitting with my left side. (LogOut/ I had encountered a learning experience, and inspirational contact with the celestial. What is the average age of Vietnam veteran in 2021? i never saw them again, but i knew we had shared something that was filled with pride, sadness, and the passage of time. When you spend most of the time out in the Bad Lands, bad things happen. Why all this devisiveness. The oldest living Vietnam War veteran is believed to be a man named Larrivee Ronald A, who was born in Feb, 24, 1935. in one way or another. Our medic gave them out every Monday. It was also projected that, from here, 138,000 Vietnam veterans are expected to die each year. Did your foot ever touch the ground? Helicopter crewmen did not receive the CIB, but they fought every day. Tough and crazy. i was not a supporter of the war but i did my job. If we arent able to determine WHO is a Vietnam Vet, then how can one determine how many of us are still alive today? I found out from a vet in 2017, filed in 2018. Please respond! they sucked. How many WWII veterans die each day? The _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site's analytics report. It should be duly noted that these numbers do not include the 2500 to 3000 US Air Force troops stationed in Guam, Thailand, and other countries that were involved in the Vietnam War effort. I salute all Veterans, and those Pencil pusher, clerks, medics, fire-fighters, etc., all had jobs to do to support everyone, they deserve respect as well, as without them no one should have had the tools necessary to accomplish any mission! The number of Viet Nam veterans, those who served in combat and combat related services (such those flyboys from outside the territory/waters of Viet Nam is about 2.7 million. March 29, 1973Part of what was called Operation Homecoming, the first 20 POWs arrived to a heros welcome at Travis Air Force Base in California on February 14. We who were in Vietnam know who we are and dont need anyone telling us what they think. How Many Vietnam War Veterans Are Still Alive? We have been betrayed by all Globalists. To this day, I dont know how I was transported from the right-side dirt shoulder but ending up in the center of the dusty road. When he first got out we roomed together, and I came home from school one day s clss was canceled. ahead of me in the next row was a man conversing with another man about two rows ahead of him. Music That Moves the Military. as we end our lives we should never forget that each served, in some way. Steve So, here well dive a little bit deeper into how many Vietnam veterans are estimated to still be alive based on various approximations and predictions. She has worked in schools all over the world, and has developed groundbreaking curricula that have helped countless students excel. War is Heck!!! Vietnam was very different, it was not supported by our Nation, the draft of so many young men to fight in a country that few could ever find on a map, let alone now anything about. The youngest Vietnam Veteran is aged in the late 60s today with life expectances estimated at 86 years old (for normal people). 101st Airborne Division 69-70 While I honor those who served worldwide, it comes across as yet another slap in the face to those of us who faced enemy fire. GREAT While that's a staggering figure is, the actual amount could be higher. The commander of the sapper ambush signaled the weapons man to fire the first RPG, and it impacted behind the target. None of us could have done our job without the support of troops around the globe. ago. We got a personal visit from 10 Generals (no joke). Question One: Are we talking Vietnam Veterans or Vietnam Era Veterans. Many Vietnam Vets do not even know about the secret operations from Thailand, now declassified, that probably helped save their rears during some of their combat operations. What Was It Like To Hump The Boonies in Vietnam? Next determined those Veterans who were awarded the Vietnam Service ribbon. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. question. What other conclusions have been made about the percentage of Vietnam veterans who are still alive? . Far as Im concerned, they are all Vietnam Vets and this devisiness should STOP! in only 6-10 years.. . The now call them Vietnam era veterans. With an estimated 6 million Vietnam Veterans currently living in the U.S. or abroad, VA remains dedicated to serving all Veterans of the Vietnam Era., All troops were sent home in April 1973. Mekong Delta US Army 1969. How many Vietnam War veterans are still alive 2023? According to Department of Veterans Affairs' projections, Vietnam Veteran deaths will hit 103,890 this year, about 285 a day. Aside from that, I have always doubted any fact stated by the NY Times; although the federal government is no better. The veterans are a very important asset to the country. The number of people who are Vietnam veterans in the first place is a number that is widely debated. It seems to be all about syntax. they deserve that recognition. I flew with the 220th Aviation Company (Cat Killers) in 1968. Every grunt I know would say no. AFAIC, anyone within the bounds of South Vietnam was on the ground. In or out of a compound or an LZ or anywhere else. My Company was A Co, 5th Trans Bn, 101st Abn. Granted, most of them were deployed for the durationa WWII vet I knew was gone 4 years without coming back to the states. REAL Vietnam War veterans are all those who are officially authorized the Vietnam Service medal and possess official military-issued documentation to confirm their medal authorization. Leave your thoughts below in the comment section. I will have to disagree with the CIB being the only combat veterans The Battle of Soui Tre 3-21-1967 at Fire Support Base Gold Operation Junction City, the 2/77 Artillery 18 105s and the 3/22 Infantry A & B Cos the enemy lost 881 KIA and UNK WIAs, we lost counting the landing in the 19th 55 KIA & 287 WIA, within an hours Westmorland and other Stars were there claiming this Victory (14 Stars on the battlefield) The Artillery are every bit combat veterans with the infantry and many other FSB battles as well I have a CIB and did 22 months in country late including TET. This trip always was a concern, because I would be in a vulnerable condition in Indian Country with only two surveyors alone in a ton jeep. What other conclusions have been made about the percentage of Vietnam veterans who are still alive? It makes a big difference because stating that only one-third of Vietnam veterans are still alive today is much harsher than stating that three-quarters of Vietnam veterans are still alive and well. Around 2.7 million troops were stationed in Vietnam either on land, within its airspace, or in its waters. They are a ten (10), they fought alongside the infantry defending the perimeter. All five of the CIDGs we dropped off that morning filed into the back of the truck, but unlike the cab the back had a canvas top and sides. My spirit was above my body and I was looking down at myself bouncing around in the drivers side. What qualifies you as a viet Nam vet would be if you stepped foot on the soil. Although my time had come, my death brought a realization that, I WOULD NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO DYE IN THAT JUNGLE. I discovered a conviction, antithesis to my beliefs, that it was not the North Vietnamese Army that sealed my fate, nor the soldier that touched off the RPG that distorted my body; I had the power from GOD to go to the next phase in my journey. Exhausted! Served until April 28, 1968 !!!!!! Though Thailand was not designated a combat zone. Had an easy tour given what i was trained for before I got there. Heres a fact: Jeffery Lynn Scheller, USN, born July 31, 1954 was Killed In Action on October 1, 1972. I know the difference, do you ? to 1984 approx. when we carried peaches and beer, no problem. remember) there will likely be a debate as to how The ERA Vets know perfectly well that they were neverNEVER..in Vietnam, and that this is nothing but a desperate attempt to gain the respect those men earned. I do not, however, have a CIB. Here are two additional sources of information (added 9-3-2022) updated in 2021: https://www.americanwarlibrary.com/personnel/vietvet.htmhttps://news.va.gov/89450/vietnam-war-veterans-honoring-served-memorial-day-2021/. Base was 1st MAW Danang AB which got hit early Tet with rockets, mortars and sappers. We saved many a guy after you brought him to us from the boonies. my point is that they were shot at and in country. Seems there are a lot of phony ones out there trying to scam the system which takes away from the true Vietnam Vets. Vietnam Veterans are dieing faster than World War Two veterans do to Agent Orange contamination . I needed the rest! Numbers can always be manipulated. Lying on my back in the underbrush, watching the blue sky, bleeding on the jungle floor alone. Pleiku, Dak To, An Khe. i appreciate i was not in a company and humped for a year. There he was wearing my dress uniform jacket SSG, CIB, BS three rows of ribbons 8 years service, 10 overseas hash marks and he had 3 very underage teeny boppers girls smoking weed telling them war stories and bragging about his combat exploits. Can You Join the Military With Depression? Yes, there are fuckyou lizards. We dont respect the combat Vets and they shouldnt disrespect us. SFC Chester D Carpenter, I liked it very much this war was up close and personal to me I first thought if the French were there for over twenty years what could we do from the beginning this was a war about money and troops paying the high price in blood I will not name names but Agt Orange was used in Korea they knew how harmful it was I had two personal losses my Navy pilot and my best friend a Marine he came home but never could come to terms with life again, John, I need to talk to you about this article. Their names are at least on the wall thanks to the efforts of many service organizations and Congress. Believe it or not, I still have every pay voucher..and in 1967 Hazard Duty Pay was $65. There are no foolproof questions. The last number of Viet Nam veterans alive today was 730,000, which would equate to around todays number of 610,000. but some men, like myself , were told by their draft board, go to vietnam on your ship. Lol. Dave V. 1st Battalion, 14 th FA, Americal Division, VN, I Corps. I submit, we should use the same standard for Vietnam. Peter my husband is now deceased but he was a door gunner with the 191 st AHC Bounty Hunters (gunships), Very good. we were all on the same side of the aisle. I knew that I was gravely wounded, and bullets were kicking up dust clouds as they were landing around my feet. The Vietnam War was an undeclared war between the US and Vietnam from 1955 to 1975. If you want to learn more about the Vietnam War and its Warriors, then subscribe to this blog and get notified by email or your feed reader every time a new story, picture, video or changes occur on this website the button is located at the top right of this page. I did a short extra tour with the 97th Trans in Cam Rahn Bay, they had 30 or so LCUs that hauled artillery projectiles and other stuff including fuel up many of those rivers. We all had a job to do. 15 of us REMFs were surrounded by the 33rd NVA June 13 1970. All the others are Vietnam ERA Vets. Even more telling is how many Vietnam combat veterans are still alive today? If we dont include forces in Thailand or Guam why are we including anyone except Navy pilots, because I dont remember any deep water people who were subjected to enemy hostilities. I bounced all around and slowed almost to a stop, and I downshifted and ground to first gear while checking my watch. This cookie is used by the website's WordPress theme. If I got in the ring with Cassius clay later known as Mohamed Ali. the merchant marine needed every officer and sailor they could find. There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific situation and the individual's age, health, and military experience. 4 Carl Dodd Former Police Officer Author has 18.5K answers and 25.3M answer views 10 mo i agree with many who feel that a private who served his time in new jersey is not a vietnam vet. Agreed. . Jul 1971-19 Dec 1971) 29th CA Co, XXIV Corps (Danang). The Vietnam Veterans of America have cited that they will remain an organization until last man standing. How old is the oldest living Vietnam veteran? What report or reference confirms it? 240 300 World. I also had assisted the FAA in 3 fatal Aircraft accidents. A cookie set by YouTube to measure bandwidth that determines whether the user gets the new or old player interface. Apparently, its been agreed upon that 800,000 Vietnam veterans had passed away by the year 2000. I began to think that was the excuse for NOT being in combat. https://news.va.gov/89450/vietnam-war-veterans-honoring-served-memorial-day-2021/. Interesting and certainly thought-provoking. We need more honest Veterans. I was in 1st Battalion 26 th Infantry HMP 1st Infantry Division in 68 November 68 to January 69. in any event, i went as soon as i was contacted by the draft board. Should you have a question or comment about this article, then scroll down to the comment section below to leave your response. So it only makes sense that for those very few of the 9+ million in the service during those years so be able to distinguish themselves. We were sprayed every 2 weeks with Melithon (Insecticide) that was 96 percent pure. However, typically, the number of World War 2 veterans who die each day is approximately 100. It was apparently based on an estimate that 800,000 Vietnam-era veterans had died by 2000. earned their stripe. I have one, but I fought a ferocious battle at FSB Gold at the beginning of Operation Junction II March 21, 1967, the artillery guys in Vietnam were every bit an infantryman as well, they suffered mortar & rocket attacks, enemy probes and attacks They were lucky in some ways that they did not have to crawl through the shit every day. Combat Veterans know who they are, pretenders know that they are not.. According to the American War Library, as of February 28, 2019, it is estimated that approximately 610,000 Americans who served in land forces during the Vietnam War or in air missions over Vietnam between 1954 and 1975 are still alive to this day. According to the Pentagons Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office, there are currently 83,204 unaccounted for U.S. personnel, including 73,547 from World War II, 7,883 from the Korean War, 126 from the Cold War, 1,642 from the Vietnam War, and six from Iraq and other recent conflicts, including three Defense. Phill Coleman, who surfaced in the very early days of the Internet, and has been profiting from veterans (first Vietnam, now all) for years. How Many World War 2 Veterans Die Each Day? We all served the same, but different. Then I down shifted entered the worst section of massive ruts and the broken-up roadbed threw the truck all about its grooves. I Never got to Korea but I have friends who got a medal for service in Korea. Just a minor clarification, not all of us were on the groundJust being picky. Depends on where you were. I was drafted in May of 1966 specifically for the reactivation of the 9th Infantry..so B Co., 4/47th/9th Inf. Scavenger1, I agree with you. We havent forgotten that time of our lives, and remember full well, that most of these ERA Vets joined these other branches in a desperate attempt to avoid service in Vietnam. Operation Homecoming was completed on March 29, 1973, when the last of 591 U.S. prisoners were released and returned to the United States. Makes it worse, they were all wheelchair bound. Later, and Welcome Home to all Vietnam Veterans!!! How old is the youngest Vietnam veteran still alive? Was in 82nd and served from a firebase up North to near South China Sea down South, remember some names but 53 years. He was a Private First Class who was killed in action in the Second World War. Peter: 67N2F, 119th AHC 68-69. I was driving the OPs 3/4-ton, 4X4 truck down the main dirt highway from Camp Enari entering the Ville and Mark Stanley was a passenger in the cab. (LogOut/ But that number will probably go down by at least 50,000 to 75,000 per year. for myself, being bored sometimes, and anxious to see and do more, i volunteered and went on a number of supply missions to the fire bases. I knew what life in-store for me in my recovery had- years of pain and disabilities while I waited for my next adventure. The first US advisors that I can find evidence of arrived in country in 1955. So, when we talk about Vietnam vets who are living or dead, we should be talking STRICTLY about Vets who participated in the Vietnam War. Combat veterans will share their experiences with other veterans especially combat veterans (CIB). I know from my time with the 3/25 that you dont need to be a ground pounder to see more then your share of combat. Me? Somewhat confusing. Tell it like it is. The military stopped the. makes no diff, if you were a grunt or cook. Does having your ramp down and touching a river bank count as boots on ground while we were not allowed to go off the boat when we were pumping gas to the airbase? The average annual payment was $18,100. One was daily and the other weekly. I believe you mean the malaria pill was once a week. The New York Times reported that claims like those of the American War Library are false and that, instead of only one-third of Vietnam vets remaining, the number points to more like 75 percent of Vietnam veterans still living and breathing today. If you are diagnosed with a condition that they know is caused by exposure to the chemical, they will presume that condition is service-connected. it is the duty of the community to stay behind their warriors to heal them and at the back of them when they come back. Everyone knows this. BAM! Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. I was in Vinh Long in 1965, Mekong delta area. I was in Nam in 1968 and 1969 as a combat Marine. I saw plenty of people providing direct combat support to the effort in. You can sleep in it. Christmas Night, Midnight, a guy in the next Bunker committed suicide. I was confused. Question Two. Separately I am working on an article that analyzes how many States are over or under represented in terms of their number of KIAs during and right after the war., Dr. Paul Scipione