Mar 20, 2023 Performance Programmer Plus by JET. Allows speedometer and odometer recalibration for tire size and gear swaps. The Speedo Pro Programmer is designed for the driver who has changed tire size or gear ratios, or both, and wants to correct the speedometer and automatic shift points which are controlled by the vehicle Speedometer Calibrator by JET. 0000005335 00000 n It was that easy. 0000002675 00000 n Hypertech, Inc 7375 Adrianne PL, Bartlett, TN 38133-8958, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. The Flashcal and Amp'D 2.0 Throttle Booster Kit by Superchips. Once you have one of those, you can . Mar 24, 2023, Speedometer Calibrator, Programmer, Toyota, Each, Speedometer Calibrator, Inline, Toyota, Each, 4.0 out of 5 stars The module also eliminates speed signal related reductions in engine performance and fuel economy, as well as related changes in exhaust emissions. When tire height and / or axle gearing is altered, the vehicles Engine and Powertrain Control Modules receive an erroneous speed signal. xb```b``Mf`e``cd@ AFSiJ /"z+.8 It also has a second adjustment screw allowing you to have two settings for two different size tires, such as a larger size for summer and a smaller size for winter. This is especially true when you change the tire size or gear ratio, which will cause the speedometer to be inaccurate. This is because larger tires cover more ground in one complete revolution. Only Rubicons don't use a standard cheap speedometer gear. Copyright 2020 Hypertech, Inc. All Rights Reserved. of 48, 5.0 out of 5 stars It also has two positions for two different size tires. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Easy To Find Performance Parts & Accessories. Toll Free Central Reservations (US & Canada Only) 1 (800) 780-7234. Superlift TruSpeed Speed Signal Calibrator 33002 | This is my second Truspeed (two trucks) and I am very pleased. Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit. Each TruSpeed includes a module, calibration key, all necessary wire and connectors, shrink tube, zip ties, and a comprehensive installation/calibration instruction manual. There is a single bolt and retaining ring holding it in. TruSpeed installation only involves four wires and can be done by anyone with basic skills who can also solder. See All Products Details. The SPORT setting gives firm and aggressive shifts which feel great under moderate to heavy acceleration. It is neither inferred nor implied that any item sold by is a product authorized by or in any way connected with any vehicle manufacturers displayed on this page. ), The gallery below shows how TruSpeed is setup. Product Details. The problem: the ABS module is under the driverside battery (diesel), and the wire harness where it lives has zero slack in it to even begin to find this wire. The most common thing car owners do that affects speedometer accuracy is changing the tire size. All rights reserved. May 31, 2023 TruSpeed applications are available for many '92-and-later GMC/Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, and Toyota trucks. One solution to these problems was invented in Iceland. It connects to the transmission to allow shift point adjustment and speedometer In-Line Speedometer Calibrator by Hypertech. That is why you should never neglect any speedometer issues. Predator 2 Platinum Tuner by DiabloSport. Introducing the all-new Flashpaq F5 performance tuner from Superchips. Introducing the all-new Flashpaq F5 performance tuner from Superchips. endstream endobj 520 0 obj<>>>/LastModified(D:20040729162730)/MarkInfo<>>> endobj 522 0 obj<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>>/StructParents 0>> endobj 523 0 obj<> endobj 524 0 obj<> endobj 525 0 obj<> endobj 526 0 obj[/Indexed 543 0 R 255 544 0 R] endobj 527 0 obj<> endobj 528 0 obj<> endobj 529 0 obj<> endobj 530 0 obj<> endobj 531 0 obj<>stream 0 Copyright 2006-2019 EMG, LLC. Worldwide Numbers. %PDF-1.4 % The TRACK setting may take some getting used to because the power delivery is very aggressive and unleashes power that you never knew your vehicle had! The main installation differences among vehicles are the locations of their fuse boxes and speed-sensor wires. Recalibrates Electronic Stability Control to work with larger tires. I'll post more info on that tonight with another less costly calibrator as an alternative to the more expensive Truspeed. The module installs in-line with the factory electronic speed sensor and converts the wrong speed signal into the correct one for your vehicle's new tire and/or axle gear ratio combination. Fortunately, CARiD has you covered with the highest quality calibration products on the market. 0000006801 00000 n there are three huge korean markets on colima road (Hankook market by fullerton road, greenland by nogales, and hannam market on brea canyon). 730100 Speedometer Calibrator - Direct Fit, Sold individually. Hypertech Speedometer Calibrators 742501 Speedometer Calibrator, Programmer, Ford, Each Part Number: HYP-742501 ( 6 ) Estimated Ship Date: Mar 16, 2023 (if ordered today) Drop Ship Free Shipping $20.00 Summit Bucks Special Order $279.95 Add To Cart Compare Wish List Hypertech Speedometer Calibrators 752504 Many auto enthusiasts are driving around with speedometers registering too low a speed because they`ve mounted bigger tires on their vehicle. trailer hanman market . 0000013084 00000 n The legendary Predator Performance Tuner has made a return! Some calibrators can be upgraded with software to turn them into full-function power programmers at extra cost. Easy Plug and Play connection. Some of the reviews may have been edited by our moderators in order to comply with our review guidelines. I really wanted this to work. Recalibrating the speed signal when running non-stock-height tires and/or a different ring-and-pinion ratio restores powertrain functions to their factory-engineered parameters. 0000021469 00000 n Fits gas & diesel models. 0000002182 00000 n Any one selling you larger or smaller tires or gears ahould ask you if you already have one of these and sell one to you along with your tire or gear purchase. With a color Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech. Estimated International Ship Date: On the flip side, smaller rubber will make the odometer spin faster than it should, potentially lowering resale value, prematurely passing warranty periods and incurring excess-mileage penalties in leased vehicles. The TruSpeed module installs in-line with the factory electronic speed sensor and converts the wrong speed signal into the correct one for your vehicle's new tire and / or axle gear ratio combination. These vehicles can be re-calibrated through the vehicles OBD-II port using a feature common to many aftermarket engine re-programmer boxes. The STREET setting is slightly firmer which reduces the nosing over feeling during shifts which really improves the drivability. -Superlift and hypertech make a speedo calibrator but again $$$ and requires cutting wires -Forscan when used with a PC and the extended license can reprogram the speedo by modifiying a setting in the tone ring size for the truck. Introducing the next generation Evolution CTS3: all-new, full-Color Touch Screen CTS3. it took about 45 min to hook up to my 99 dodge. The TruSpeed instructions provide approximate settings based on the difference between new and stock tire diameters and/or axle gears. Details: (3 reviews) Write your own review Superlift 33003 Truspeed Speedo Recalibrator Click Here for More Information Retail Price: $286.99 Sale Price: $CALL Usually ships within 72 hours. How? I recommend finding an ignition on hot lead under the dash for power instead of using the supplied fuse tap. The dealer can reprogram it for somewhat bigger tires and I think 33" is in their ability. From Monrovia, California Most custom-truck builders know this, but few do anything about it. Because the signal is altered at its source, all speed-sensitive vehicle systems will receive the correct speed data, which restores all proper functions. For clarification when referring to the calibration charts, whole numbers indicate complete (360 degree) turns of the TruSpeed adjustment screw, while fractional numbers indicate partial The P2 Platinum comes EvoHT2 Programmer by Edge. Get news you need to know about pickups, commercial vans and Class 3-8 trucks delivered straight to your inbox. Each quarter-turn of the TruSpeed's dial changes the speed signal by 1 percent for highly accurate calibration. This item corrects the speedometer/odometer reading caused by running with tires that are taller or shorter than stock. Knowing how to calibrate a speedometer is very crucial because its essential to know how fast youre moving at a given moment. When I got it I was getting error messages and was told I would be contacted in a few days. Superchip's engineers spent month refining TrailDash2 Tuner by Superchips. Visit, u{1^mm3M\^6n73C;+#k:"9p^1. 0000006180 00000 n When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. May 31, 2023 In addition to the new slim case design, they also upgraded to a 5" full-color display making gauges the sleekest in the industry. These photos show a TruSpeed installation on a Chevy Duramax. We cooperate with the most prominent brands that are known for their innovative products all around the globe to ensure you'll get nothing less than exceptional quality and lasting service life. Because the signal is altered at its source, all speed-sensitive vehicle systems will receive the correct speed data, which restores all proper functions. 0000009048 00000 n By recalibrating the spedo this puts your computer back in sinc, It now is able to make accurate adjustments to your engine and trans to give you optimum performance and economy. 83Ui`H(0 ^} It's a well-known fact that no speedometer can be 100 percent accurate. 0000013973 00000 n To avoid legal run-ins, you need a functioning speedometer. Installation/calibration on this 2002 Chevy Duramax took a couple hours since we guesstimated at the long-gone stock tires actual rolling diameter, making our initial dial-in somewhat inaccurate. Works great for speedo and odo but not on the gas mileage computer can not figure out why.