It was ridiculous. Though Venables father was still in the picture, his mother was known to be harsh toward the young boy. All times AEDT (GMT +11). I would say we had a good professional relationship. It is believed Thompson remains in a long-term relationship with a man who knows his real identity. Last years 20th anniversary of Jamess death in Liverpool triggered photos and information being posted online by many people about Venables and Thompson which was shared hundreds if not thousands of times, prosecuting counsel Melanie Cumberland said. . Though authorities initially thought Bulger had been abducted by an adult, CCTV footage revealed the shocking truth that he had been taken by two kids. They first attempted to lure a three-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother away from their mother. , updated After bringing in Thompson and Jon Venables for questioning, Phil said: As far as Im concerned that day 20 years ago I stared evil in the face. The youngster had no record of violence before he was found guilty of killing two-year-old James Bulger. Now he's here on a more permanent basis. There was a fear that the locals would grow suspicious, so he had to leave.. Around 30 men marched up a busy street in Sydneys inner west on Friday night chanting the Hail Mary sparked by a joke about Jesus by a queer comedian. Peter Byrne/PA Images/Getty ImagesJames Bulgers father Ralph Bulger (pictured) is fighting to keep Jon Venables in prison for life. He took it all in his stride, said the social worker. There are people who have leaked photos of him who have received worse punishment than he did. Afterwards, there was recreation time. While some adults stopped to ask the children a few questions, they all let the boys go on their way, apparently believing that Bulger was either being taken home or to the police station. Ian Gallagher, Mail on Sunday Chief Reporter These children are cocky and streetwise, know the system and know their rights and what they can get away with. I know that and its best that they do but it doesn't mean i agree with it. Confidential (1997), To Die Quietly (1997) and Alien Species (1996). 08:08 EST 08 Mar 2010. Perhaps the emotions that registered across his face as he did so were easy to read. This picture was allegedly taken of Jon Venables when he was detained for the 2017 offences. Apparently they all know, but they have signed agreements not to say anything, plus British law forbids media discussion on the matter. Registered in England. On TV, he liked nothing better than to watch Noels House Party, the programme hosted by Noel Edmonds and featuring the character Mr Blobby, whom Thompson adored. Because of his notoriety, Thompson found himself on occasion having to defend his corner, though he rarely, if ever, initiated any fights himself. "The reality is that the case for varying the injunction has simply not been made.". One day, he simply wasnt there any more, said the social worker, who quit the detention centre some years ago. By the time Bulger was dead, he had sustained 42 brutal injuries in total. Thompsons home life was described as chaotic and while he had no legal record before his 1993 conviction, he and his siblings reportedly violently fought with each other. She turned to drink and fell into depression, as well as allegedly trying to take her own life with an overdose. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Thompson and others you may know. Though Bulgers mother Denise Fergus had been holding his hand, she had briefly let go to pay for groceries, only to look down with horror and realize that her child had vanished. Due to the national furor surrounding their case, they were both given new identities. Youve got to get me one. From the outset he was treated as a star prisoner and played up to it. Venables knows that there are plenty of people who are willing to do a life sentence to have him dead. How insane it is getting older. I, personally, wish Mr and Mrs Bulger and their families to know that I am desperately sorry for what I did, and aware of the enormity of what I did.. Both Robert Thompson and Jon Venables had rough early years. Or have i stumbled across something credible? His dad abandoned the family five years before Bulger's murder - leaving mum Ann devastated. His father had abandoned the family early on, causing his depressed mother to turn to alcohol and even attempt suicide. He devoured it all, oblivious to what was going on around him, said the social worker. Depends how much the Sun/Daily Mail were offering. Otherwise it means Venables has got away with it again and other people have paid for his crime., Get email updates with the day's biggest stories. "It terrifies me that this sends out a message that you can commit a crime as heinous as killing James and get away with it.". I wanted to tell what had happened, but I could not accept the blame, so I had to tell and put the blame for everything on Jon Venables shoulders. He added: I said on Wednesday that I was unable to give further details of the reasons for Jon Venables return to custody, because it was not in the public interest to do so. The portrait he paints may surprise: It is of someone who managed to divorce himself from a crime which shocked the world, who emerged from his secure unit aged 18 as a popular, likeable lad and, above all, singularly confident chillingly so. They were released on special licence in 2001, amid huge controversy, with new identities and lives. Once, he was involved in a confrontation with another youth, and he was really angry, but in a controlled sulky way. And we didnt speak about it after we left James Bulger on the railway line.. Later, a TV and games console were added, and in his teenage years he decorated the. "He always sat there sucking his thumb, a habit he didnt lose despite our best efforts until he was 14.". Even if i presented the media with new evidence surely because of the laws put in place nothing would be heard? But then it became apparent that he was what we call a typical care kid even though he hadnt been in care. We deep dive, on Mamamia Out Loud. Jon Venables. But the President of the Family Division Sir Andrew McFarlane rejected the bid, saying it was in place to protect Venables from being "put to death". If innocent, put back into society, hidden again. The photographs, seen by, were posted by a vigilante who has been circulating information about Venables and his co-accused Robert Thompson on Twitter since 2013. The trial is scheduled to start Nov. 30 in New London Superior Court. two men were given suspended prison sentences, Protest erupts after Projects Jesus sex joke, Trauma after cannibal killer crime scene. Is it the goriness? The High Court injunction put in place by Judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss states: Any depiction, image in any form, photograph, film or voice recording made or taken on or after 18 February 1993, which purports to be of Jon Venables or Robert Thompson or any description which purports to be of their physical appearance, voices or accents at any time since that date is in breach of the order. Somewhere in Britain, possibly abroad, Robert Thompson would have doubtless watched the news last week with great interest. At trial in 1993, Thompson was painted as the ringleader, leading Venables on at every turn. I didnt have a clue it was illegal, she told the Daily Star on Sunday. So Robert Thompson got out of jail and was moved somewhere, given a new name etc. He was fifth in a family of seven children. Jon Venables mugshot is one of the most recognisable and disturbing images in criminal history. Thompson reportedly did well in school and took an interest in theatre and art. Related: Troopers found Thompson shot in the neck in his car. The British government has reportedly spent in excess of $1.7 million of taxpayers money on at least four different identities for Venables. They reveal some startling and twisted comments made by the convicted murderer.. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. A Match Made In Hell: How Robert Thompson And Jon Venables Became Killers At Age 10. They spotted Bulger in a butcher shop and grabbed him. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Mr Grieve said the public interest required the prosecution to guard against the very real risk of serious physical harm or death to anyone who might be identified, whether correctly or incorrectly, as being either of the killers. It was as if nothing had happened.,,, Something went wrong, please try again later. I believe these changes were also made to there family members as well. News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. The pair posted pictures on Twitter and Facebook purporting to depict Jon Venables and Robert Thompson as adults. 2 He is just too smart, too calculating.. On Saturday, Oct. 26, 35-year-old Robert Thompson, of Preston, was shot and killed where Route 12 and Route 2 meet. In 2006, reports claimed Thompson was in a stable gay relationship at age 23 and had settled well into his local community in the North West. After questioning Thompson and Venables, Detective Phil Roberts said, As far as Im concerned that day I stared evil in the face., Roberts continued, They were a match made in hell. His body would be found two days later by a group of horrified teenage boys who were playing in the area. The cops soon checked both boys homes. Picture: Supplied Now Venables is reportedly terrified of being attacked or killed in jail, where he is serving time following a recent conviction for downloading child pornography, and has begged authorities for an operation to change his looks. In 2010, it was. Along with a female social worker, I was assigned to him as a chaperone.. He said: "I don't know how he was doing at school, but he was switched on and he was trying to con me, trying very hard". Meanwhile, court-appointed psychiatrists said that both Thompson and Venables knew the difference between right and wrong. There, they splashed stolen blue paint into Bulgers eyes. Minden Pictures is recognized worldwide as the foremost provider of wildlife and nature stock photography for use by publishing and advertising professionals. Not surprisingly, he was monosyllabic and sullen when we were first introduced, like all the children when they first arrive, he said. The allegations have revived interest in a case that shocked the nation ever since it emerged that Venables and his then friend, Robert Thompson, had abducted toddler James Bulger from a shopping . We were told that he found work in a pub but his mother compromised him by going in and talking loudly in a Scouse accent. Thompson was held at Barton Moss near Manchester, where he cultivated an interest in subjects like art and theater. American Aviator Charles Lindbergh Was A God Among Men Until He Revealed His Nazi Sympathies, Two Seattle Artists Face Federal Charges For Faking Native American Heritage To Sell Art, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. There was also a young rapist in his unit. He added: "As Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss held, (Venables) is 'uniquely notorious' and there is a strong possibility, if not a probability, that if his identity were known he would be pursued resulting in grave and possibly fatal consequences. This image became the one we picture when the murder is discussed, just as Jon Venables became the focus of discussions about the crime and the trial. Dean Liddle and Neil Harkins were prosecuted by Attorney General Dominic Grieve for snubbing a ban which prevents Jon Venables and Robert Thompson being identified. Browsing Robert Thompson; 3167; Though it was quickly dismissed by the Federal Police as a mistake and then the situation was swept aside never to be heard of again. My wife was appalled that I was looking after Robert Thompson and it was the same with the partners of the other staff. The pair, who posted the photographs on Twitter and Facebook, were given nine-month jail terms, which were suspended for 15 months. Staff at the centre did not note any change in Thompsons behaviour after his conviction, however. He was having a pretty good time inside and everything was done for him, he said. BWP Media/Getty Images Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, pictured after their arrest for the murder of James Bulger. Any breach of this order, effective worldwide, is a contempt of court punishable by up to two years in prison and an unlimited fine. Yesterday, however, Mr Straw went further, saying Venables faced extremely serious allegations. However, in 2006 it was reported he was in a long-term relationship with a man who knows who knew he really was and that they lived in the North West of England. Venables has not been punished for this offence. A freak of nature. I made a representation to my superiors that he was being treated differently from the others but it was shrugged off. He just dealt with it in a very cool, confident way, like a mini Clint Eastwood. He's laughing at everyone because he keeps winning. Vigilantism has no place in a civilised country and it is for the purpose of deterring such conduct that we must have particular regard. He devoured it all, oblivious to what was going on around him," the social worker said. A surveillance camera shows the abduction of two-year-old James Bulger from the Bootle. Looking back, I suppose we simply had to be professional and get on with it.. What he has to say about Thompsons comfortable existence inside and the way the prison system danced in attendance around him will infuriate Jamess mother Denise Fergus. If youd like to join in, please sign in or register. But when Venables was recalled to jail in 2010, it emerged Thompson had done well at Barton Moss secure unit, in Eccles, Lancs, showing a growing interest and talent in art. He simply fell into the routine and seemed to put it all behind him.. We pay for your stories! And he said he saw nothing in the way of remorse. View the profiles of people named Robert A Thompson. Email us [email protected] call 0207 782 4368 . Thompsons was 18ft by 12ft with a bed, desk, chairs, table and bookcase and an en suite shower and toilet. I feel like something should be said, that the public should know, but I'm also aware of all the other incorrect conspiracies about Robert Thompson and Jon Venables before. Along with Robert Thompson, Venables was jailed for torturing and battering two-year-old James Bulger in Liverpool in February 1993. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. . Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both 10, murdered him in cold blood. Interview with the Assassin Watch Now . I am deeply ashamed of what I did, of having played a part in this horrible murder.. Francis Giannelli, 28, is accused of murder in the Oct. 26, 2019 death of 35-year-old Robert Thompson of Preston. I'm angry! His identity is protected by a worldwide injunction - meaning that even trying to find out where he lives could land you in jail. But by 4:15 p.m., there was no sign of the boy and so he was quickly reported missing to the police. Now 38, It is believed that he is still living in the UK. He recalls: "The vast majority of Liverpool children probably had a worse upbringing than Venables. The documents are featured in Channel 5s James Bulger: The New Revelations, at 9pm tonight. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In a statement he said: The public know we cannot comment on individual cases that are going through the system and I think the Justice Secretary explained the particular constraints in this case., By Haunting CCTV footage shows the pair leading the tiny, trusting boy from a Merseyside shopping mall. Then, according to your theory, he raped and murdered a 6-year-old girl. During days out, he never stepped out of line. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were only 10-years-old when they became the country's youngest murderers in 250 years. After bringing in Thompson and Jon Venables for questioning, Phil said: As far as Im concerned that day 20 years ago I stared evil in the face. Before long, an anonymous caller reported to the police that Thompson and Venables were behind the murder, revealing that both boys had been absent from school on the day of Bulgers disappearance and that there may have been some criminal evidence on Venables jacket. And if they hadnt been caught I fear they would have struck again. A picture taken from CCTV footage shows the tot being taken by the hand in what would become one of the defining images of the shocking case. The centre, which housed 14 young offenders all deemed either a danger to others or themselves, was divided into three units, of which one was for girls. Sir John said that Harkins, a 35-year-old house husband, and Liddle, 28, a graphic designer, had both removed the offending pictures quickly and apologised. Robert Thompson, Actor: L.A. i somehow think not. He must be 29 now. Thompson and Venables were 10. The killers were jailed for life but released on licence with new identities in 2001. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. Injunction: Thompson and Venables new identities are protected. ROBERT Thompson abducted and tortured to death two-year-old James Bulger alongside his partner in crime Jon Venables when they were just ten years old. 'He always sat there sucking his thumb, a habit he didnt lose despite our best efforts until he was 14.. He was initially detained in 2010 for possessing such images, but then freed in . He was given a new identity (as was Venables) and rumour has it that Thompson now lives in Australia. I shouldnt have let go.. I think Thompson was in charge, but they both attacked James. Although he had been locked up for four years, Thompson didnt find his first foray on to the streets in any way alarming. While growing up, his family moved around a lot, between Michigan, Indiana and Florida. But if he's in permanent solitary confinement - in prison - then he's not 'at large' and therefore not a threat to the public, correct? Robert Thompson, now 36, said he is a "better person" thanks to his years in prison but apologised for murdering the two-year-old. He was born to Robert Sr. (a Vietnam Veteran) and Shelly (a medical professional). Both boys were soon arrested, and it didnt take long for them to turn on each other. He holds dual bachelor's degrees from Pace University and a master's degree from New York University. WARNING: Disturbing. James's dad Ralph has told the Mirror the statements are "false words" as he revealed he will "never accept either of these two is sorry". The social worker said he thought while Thompson didn't seem to hate his time in prison, he was unlikely to end up back there. This crime went to court where he either plead guilty or was found guilty and sentenced for life. Ian Gallagher, Mail on Sunday Chief Reporter Though many people on the streets believed that the three boys were siblings, others were concerned about Thompson and Venables aggressive behavior toward Bulger. We pay for your stories! 6,412 Robert Thompson Premium High Res Photos Browse 6,412 robert thompson stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. You can reach Dale Robert Thompson via email. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were arrested on February 18, 1993, a little less than a week after the murder. Its also reported that Ann used alcohol to cope and became depressed, even attempting to take her own life. He was a big lad and made himself bigger through weight training. Email us [email protected] call 0207 782 4368 . How does UK prison not know the names of its inmates? Is it the goriness? Just think, if he's in a relationship, some poor woman is sleeping next to him, probably not knowing who he really is, as he has been given a new identity. Thompson was the Pied Piper. Like Thompson, Venables parents were separated. I shouldnt have let go of his hand, Fergus later said. the hand of Jon Venables, one of two ten-year-old boys later convicted of his torture and murder. He was preceded in death by wife of 66 years . They served eight years in jail and were released on life-long parole in 2001, given new identities at the time. He knew it wouldnt do him any good. He was never a trouble-maker, but he would square up to any kid who came at him, who wanted to make a name for himself by having a go at Robert Thompson. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. More details are known about Thompson early life. He was a real mummys boy and she visited him every three days. Dale Robert Thompson in the US (344) See more results for Thompson. We pay for videos too. The images were logged two days after the 20th anniversary of the two-year-olds murder, who was killed by Venables and Thompson in 1993, aged just 10. There was plenty of pure evil inside his unit. They were released on licence in 2001 after serving eight years for the murder and were both given new identities. They went out that day to kill I truly believe that. Thompson, who was seen as the more dominant of the two and, according to Venables police statement was the one who started throwing bricks at him (James) first, has not been in trouble since. Venables has been known to brag about who he is & what he has done, he is the one who the police have been able to catch in the act because he is that stupid. In one of the most chilling photos in recent times, Venables was captured holding the 2-year-old James Bulger as Robert walked ahead of the pair. He was also close to the manager at the unit and theyd sit talking and laughing together. Now the first cop on the scene has revealed what he saw. These two men are victims of Venables who broke the terms of his own parole by posting pictures of himself to be published under the false name he used at the time. The toddler was found two days later on a railway embankment with horrific injuries inflicted with an iron bar and bricks; his body was left across a track, where it was cut in two by a train to make it look like an accident.