Environmental Compliance and Permitting 

As the testing ground for environmental protection initiatives, California has the most comprehensive and stringent environmental regulations in the United States, with municipal regulatory requirements that often exceed State mandates. Citadel’s Compliance and Permitting Services help our clients maintain environmental compliance by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, managing hazardous materials, complying with water and safety standards, and auditing procedures. At Citadel, we want our clients to enjoy exponential business growth while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations to avoid fines and penalties. Citadel also assists firms that provide CEQA/NEPA compliance services such as Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) by performing air emissions modeling, greenhouse gas emission (AB32) assessments, and biological monitoring/assessments.

Services Performed 

• Comprehensive Environmentally Regulated Materials Surveys
• Mitigation Design And Bid Document Preparation
• Specification/Development, RFP Preparation
• Environmental Permits and/or Regulatory Review
• Emergency Planning And Community Right To Know Act
• Hazardous Waste Permitting & Compliance
• SB 14 Compliance
• Employee Training
• Recordkeeping And Other Requirements
• Industrial Wastewater Permitting & Compliance
• Storm Water Industrial And General Permitting
• ISO 14001 Audit / Compliance / Reporting
• CUPA Hazardous Material Business Plans / CUPA Services
• Chemical Inventories
• SWPPP (Plan Preparation / Implementation / Training) QSP/QSD
• Spill Prevention Control And Countermeasure Plan
• Standard Operating Procedure(s)
• UST And AST Permitting
• Underground Storage Tank Standard Operating Procedure

Technical Expertise 

• Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)


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