Environmentally Regulated Materials Management 

Citadel Employee Citadel provides ERM management services that identify where hazardous materials have been utilized, and how best to safely and cost effectively mitigate them. Our multidisciplinary staff of architects, engineers, and industrial hygienists understands how buildings are built, operated, and eventually de-constructed, which is critical to understanding where these materials have been utilized and designing a mitigation plan that minimally impacts both structure and workers. Hazardous materials that impact such projects often include asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls, mercury, universal wastes, electronic wastes, radioactive wastes, and chlorofluorocarbons. In addition to providing hazardous materials identification, abatement specifications and drawings, and pre-construction services, Citadel helps clients manage their own environmental hazards by developing written programs and implementing thorough worker training courses for their employees.

Services Performed 

• Comprehensive Environmentally Regulated Materials Surveys
• Mitigation Design And Bid Document Preparation
• Specification/Development, RFP Preparation
• Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drawings
• Pre-Construction Services:
• Onsite Monitoring
• Close out Documentation
• Aerially Deposited Lead Compliance Plan Preparation And Perimeter
• Specification Development
• Procedure 5 Preparation
• AHERA Management Plan Preparation
• Operation And Maintenance Programs
• Annual Monitoring And Review
• Training

Technical Expertise 

• State Of California Certified Asbestos Consultant
• State Of California Certified Asbestos Site Surveillance Technician
• State Of California Emergency Manager
• California DHS Lead Related Construction Supervisor And Project Monitor
• California DHS Lead Related Construction Inspector And Assessor
• State Of California First Responder Awareness
• Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
• State of Nevada Asbestos Consultant
• EPA/AHERA Building Inspector
• EPA/AHERA Management Planner
• EPA/AHERA Project Designer
• EPA/AHERA Contractor/Supervisor
• NIOSH 582
• EPA Hazardous Waste Operations
• X-ray & RMD Florescence Spectrum Analyzer


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