Industrial Hygiene/ Occupational Health

Industrial Hygiene/ Occupational Health

Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Management are important aspects of maintaining a safe working environment. Common industrial hygiene and occupational health issues include: indoor air quality, chemical hazards like mists, vapors from toxic solvents, dusts, noise, and fumes from welding. In addition to compliance with governmental regulations, assessment and control of the risks associated with hazardous substances and work practices can positively impact productivity and workforce retention. Citadel leverages our expertise in OSHA, ACGIH, NIOSH, ANSI, and other industry standards and guidelines to evaluate Industrial Hygiene procedures, policies, programs and potential exposures – developing relevant recommendations that protect your employees’ health while reducing redundancies, speeding projects, and reducing costs.

Services Performed 

• General Consulting
• Lab Packs
• Noise Assessment Surveys
• Lighting Assessment Survey
• Animal / Bird Droppings Survey
• Unidentified Intermittent Odors
• Employee Exposure Monitoring
• Clandestine Laboratory Investigation and Remediation Oversight
• Electromagnetic Field Emissions Measurement
• Ventilation Assessments
• Confined Space Monitoring
• Area/Perimeter Monitoring
• Lab Decommissioning Services 

Technical Expertise 

• Certified Industrial Hygienist
• Lifecom Confined Space Entry/SCBA
• Lifecom H2S Protection


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