Moisture Intrusion and Microbial Consulting

Moisture Intrusion and Microbial Consulting 

Infrared Thermographic The human and financial costs of moisture intrusion and the resulting proliferation of waterborne pathogens can have a long term impact on both building owners and property reputation. The risks associated with the buildup of microbial elements in indoor environments, both real and perceived, can significantly affect occupant health and property values, and increase liability. Citadel offers an array of identification, prevention, and mitigation management services to help owners respond to these issues.

Services Performed 

• Building Envelope Survey
• Moisture intrusion Consulting and Remediation Surveillance Services
• General Consulting
• Infrared Thermography Services
• Water Loss Prevention And Resonse Plan Development
• Post-Remediation Microbial Inspection And Sampling / Close Out
• Initial Investigation (Air / Sewage Spills / Blackwater)
• Third Part Moisture Mapping
• Close Out Documentation
• Microbial Investigations
• Microbial Awareness Training (2 Hour)

Technical Expertise 

• Certified Industrial Hygienist
• Certified Microbial Consultant
• Certified Building Thermographer


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