Occupational Safety and Training

Occupational Safety and Training 

Many studies have shown that companies who ensure a safe working environment have higher company morale. More importantly, following the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as other company and site-specific guidelines, is a proven way to reduce unnecessary company expenses. Reduction of on-the-job injury rates results in lower worker compensation and insurance premiums as well as avoidance of costly violation fines. Citadel offers a variety of services to comply with the various OSHA guidelines.

Services Performed 

• Facility Audit Health and Safety Programs
• General Consulting / Facility Audit Of health And Safety Programs
• Confined Space Site Audit
• Lockout/Tagout Equipment Site Audit
• Health And Safety Program Facility Audit
• On-Going Health And Safety Compliance Consulting
• Ergonomic Assessments
• General Consulting
• Labeling, Storage, Manifests
• Employee Training
• Health And Safety Compliance
• Training (In Class and/or Internet-Based):
• Written Program Review
• Material Safety Data Sheet Review (MSDS)
• Health And Safety Program Implementation And Management
• Health And Safety Hazard Assessment (JHA / AHA)
• Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing
• Development Of Employee Safety Committees
• Employee Safety Recognition Programs

Technical Expertise 

• First Aid / CPR Training
• OSHA 30 Certified and/or OSHA 500/501
• Confined Space Rescue Certified
• HAZWOPER Certified
• Trench and Shoring Certified
• Rigging Certified


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