Citadel’s Sustainability Service line can help businesses take their companies to the next level with a re-investment in the environment. Corporate environmental responsibility has become a major tool for product/service differentiation. Consumers are increasingly choosing environmentally responsible providers of goods and services as the new Green movement takes hold worldwide. Our services help companies develop Green policies and procedures, characterize and reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, and evaluate the environmental impact of their products, all of which all reduce their net carbon footprint.

Services Performed 

• General Consulting
• Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management
• AB32 Compliance Consulting
• Sustainability planning
• Energy Audits
• Sustainable Waste Practices
• LEED-EBOM Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 1.1
• LEED-EBOM IAQ Management Program Training
• LEED-NC Prerequisite 2:Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)
• LEED-NC Option 3 (For Residential Buildings)
• LEED-NC Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 3.2 Construction IAQ Management Plan
• LEED-NC Indoor Environmental Quality Credit Option 2

Technical Expertise 

• Professional Engineer
• Engineer in Training 


  • Caruso Affiliated
  • Hudson Pacific Properties

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