PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                                     

San Bernardino Community College District Campus

Citadel was contracted by San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) to perform Environmental Consulting Services during the course of the renovation at the Business Building at San Bernardino Valley College, located in San Bernardino. 

The project area encompasses the entirety of the Business Education Building, which is a two-story structure with a large mechanical basement. The scope of services included performing testing of construction finishes for asbestos and lead, as well as performing a visual identification of ozone depleting substances and Universal Waste Rule items. Citadel also developed a technical specification section to address the removal of hazardous materials which were impacted by the project work and performed abatement oversight and clearance testing during abatement/demolition activities. 

Citadel assigned a California-State Certified Site Surveillance Technician (CSST) and a Cal/DPH-Certified Lead Inspector/Assessor to perform all testing services at the Site. All bulk sampling protocol met or exceeded EPA, SCAQMD, and Cal/OSHA requirements for asbestos, and all EPA, Cal/OSHA, and Cal/DPH requirements for Lead. 

Upon completion of abatement activities, Citadel provided SBCCD with a close-out report that included an executive summary; daily reports; inspection reports; air monitoring results and chains of custody; laboratory reports, including sampling forms and chains of custody; contractor’s training certificates and agency notifications; and hazardous waste manifests. 

Good communication between Citadel and the Client representatives were essential in making this project a success. This enabled the Client’s needs to be addressed, and in a quick and efficient manner that also limited the amount of disturbance to the college staff and community. Any obstacles encountered were openly discussed with all parties involved, including vendors and contractors, so that solutions could be implemented as quickly as possible. 


Higher Education


San Bernardino, California