What Sustainability means to Citadel - “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Citadel Environmental Service, Inc. Corp office Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. has taken huge strides in demonstrating the sustainable principles we recommend to our clients, our vendors, and our communities. In 2010, we were awarded a Platinum LEED® Certification for the retrofit of our 8,000 square foot corporate building in Glendale, California. Thanks to the innovative thinking and professional excellence that define Citadel’s people, we were garnered the highest LEED® certification available, which ultimately means our employees get the benefit of working in one of only 10 such buildings in California and 89 in the nation. We are happy to share our story with any firms that may be contemplating a similar process.

Citadel made the following upgrades to become LEED® certified:

  • Asbestos and lead paint were cleaned out to make way for greener features
  • Skylights were installed to bring natural brightness to the dark floor space
  • Installed energy efficient lighting that requires 38.5% less power
  • Added a new packaged air handling system that is 37% more efficient
  • Fitted 120 solar panels that provide enough energy to power the entire building that houses Citadel and a neighboring tenant, plus gives an additional 16% back to the city’s energy grid
  • Installed new water-efficient interior plumbing and fixtures that reduce usage by 62%
  • Laid down low-VOC flooring
  • Brought in Green Seal-certified furniture systems with low partitions so every desk has a window view
  • Put in all Energy Star appliances
  • Added tempered glass awnings to reduce urban heat island effect
  • Installed double-paned exterior windows
  • Insulated the roof deck for energy efficiency
  • Planted native, drought-tolerant landscaping with temporary drip irrigation system
  • Selected a building location along two bus routes which gives employees access to public transportation
Inside of Citadel Environmental Services, Inc.

To keep some of the buildings purity, Citadel saved a historic mural of the Three Stooges owned by building’s previous tenant, the licensing arm of the famous comedy team. It is now preserved on the wall to delight everyone in the break room.


One of the biggest advantages for turning your office Green is the Local and federal funds that are available to offset the cost of your green renovation, allowing you to complete the build-out for no more than comparable conventional office space.

How Citadel can help - We assist businesses through the entire lifecycle of real estate, from the beginning. We go through due diligence, phase 1 and 2 site assessments, and work on the entitlement side through identifying hazardous materials and specifications on how to remove them, then once the operating facility is up, we do audits for energy, air and water, offering consulting services on how to reduce energy consumption and get rebates to reduce costs and get businesses more environmentally friendly.

Bottom line companies need to start thinking in terms of long-term gains rather than short-term ROI and look at the real value of creating a healthier, more sustainable work environment. It’s not a balancing act really. It’s completely in line with business interests of making a profit. 

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